classification-essay-topicsFinding a good classification essay topic is the first step to receiving an excellent grade for your paper. However, the second step is to find an appropriate principle for classification. Fortunately, in this list of top 30 classification essay topic ideas you will find not only sample topics, but also suggestions of classification principles which will make your task much easier.
Classification essay topics: Internet

  1. Classify Facebook or Twitter users according to their activity;
  2. profile pictures of your friends on Facebook according to their style;
  3. YouTube videos according to the effects produced upon viewers;
  4. search engines according to their popularity;
  5. websites according to the level of user-friendliness;

Classification essay topics: academic life

  1. geography of the classroom based on the willingness of students to participate to the discussion;
  2. fellow students according to their attitudes to study;
  3. learning styles according to the preferred channel of receiving information;
  4. exam preparation styles according to time-management;
  5. tutors according to their requirements (use careful language if you choose this topic);

Classification essay topics: student life

  1. college students according to their involvement in extracurricular activities;
  2. parties according to the dress code for the guests or entertainment activities taking place;
  3. geography of college cafeteria according to interpersonal relations between students;
  4. types of student shows depending on their success with the audience;
  5. types of brotherhoods/sisterhoods according to the values shared by their members;

Classification essay topics: parents

  1. parenting styles according to the level of children’s freedom;
  2. parents according to their conservatism;
  3. students’ attitudes to their parents according to the level of trust (whether they use ‘filters’ to falsify their college experiences, use them partially or do not use them at all);
  4. student-parents relations according to the common interests they have;
  5. generation gaps in families according to the coping strategies family members use;

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MLA-bibliographyMLA Bibliography Creation: Experts’ Efficient Recommendations.
Are you dealing with a bibliography in MLA? You can definitely use some help. What is an MLA bibliography , after all? As a matter of fact, the whole thing is pretty easy – just take a glance at the tips below, and you’ll see it yourself!
MLA Bibliography Development: Explaining the Formatting Basics.
If you mention an idea that belongs to anyone else but you, you have to mention the author as well – otherwise, it’ll be plagiarism.
You know that.
That said, creating a bibliography for MLA is a perfect way to quote the needed concepts safely. Now let’s see what an MLA bibliography is made of.
MLA Bibliography Writing: Learn the Formula of Instant Success!
Even casting a glance at all these rules makes your head dizzy – no wonder, with all those details and niceties to remember.
However, did you know that there is a formula of perfect MLA formatting? Just fill in the necessary gaps of the table below, and – voila! – your MLA bibliography entry is ready!

  1. Lastname, Firstname.
  2. “Article/Chapter Title.”
  3. Book/Journal/Site Title.
  4. Volume.Issue
  5. Place:
  6. Publisher,
  7. Date of publishing.
  8. Medium
  9. Date of access (for Web).
  10. URL<>.

As you can see, it’s quite easy. Just pick the sections that your source has. With this little helper, you can be sure your bibliography MLA formatting will always be impeccable.
MLA Bibliography Examples: Follow in the Footprints of Experts!
Now it’s time to see the way professionals reference sources in an MLA Works Cited page. Take a look at this sample of MLA bibliography citations:

Works Cited

Book Adams, Peter. Wildlife. New York, NY: Routledge, 1999. Print.
Book Chapter Barry, John. “How-to: MLA Bibliography.” Citation Styles. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2010. Print.
Journal Carry, Linda. “Children Psychology.” The Journal of Positive Psychology, 37.5, 2007. Print.
.MP3 source Grieg, Edvard. “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Peer Gynt. 2003. MP3.
.docx source Hall, Susan. “Subsidiaries.” Lectures on Economics. 2010. MS Office Word file.
Web page “Movies.” Disney. 2003. Web. 1 Feb. 2012. .

That’s what students call a proper format for MLA bibliography!

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report-writingReport Writing Challenge: Use Your Imagination, Build Your World
You are assigned a report, and that’s a problem. Indeed, report writing does include some peculiarities, and to do it well, you would benefit from the expertise of real professionals. Are you ready to start this journey? Indeed, this task has some idiosyncrasies – and to complete it, you’ll benefit from tips from real professionals. Are you ready to start on this journey?
Report Writing Issues: What on Earth?…A Global Definition
Let’s take a closer look at the task you face. What is report writing, after all? Defining it is not entirely simple – and in just a moment, you’ll see why.
All in all, report writing is.

  • A short account of an event
  • The documentation of the results of an experiment;
  • A document containing a summary and graphics;
  • A paper analyzing or critiquing a book, movie, journal article, etc.;
  • An interpretation of news;
  • A journalistic article on the suggested topic.

Rather confusing, isn’t it? However, consider a simpler and nonetheless accurate definition of a report: Report writing is either an objective description or a short summary of an event, or findings of an observational effort, often containing graphics.
Report Writing Elements: Plan Every Single Move
When writing the report, recall the following:

  1. Make a detailed plan before writing;
  2. Use the five-paragraph structure;
  3. Identify by name all people, companies, etc. involved;
  4. Keep the paper logical and coherent.

Report Writing Recommendations: Be Careful Where You Tread
Are you about to write a report? Hold it! There are a bunch of issues about report writing, namely:

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Students rarely write about such topics as cults. Nevertheless, researching the internet you can find that there are tons of materials on such phenomena. Despite such popularity, writing cult essays is not that simple, where most of the information that you can find will be somewhat controversial.
Cult essays might vary in their topics, albeit most of them will have several opposing views. This article provides a brief explanation on the process of writing about controversial topics, based on the example of cult essays.
Controversy in Cult Essays
A controversy in cult essays implies that there are several different opinions on a particular aspect of a cult, one or more of which might cause debates in the society. Considering that cult essays might be dealing with topics such as religion, politics, human rights, etc, and at the same, time touching on subjects such as society, health, and media, the issue of controversy can be understood.
People rarely agree on topics involving the latter, and in that regard, cult essays are no different. Thus, the main aspect can be seen in delivering the content in a way that provides a balanced view on such phenomena and at the same time presents a strong thesis that supports one of the declared positions.
In writing cult essays, there are several aspects that should be considered. The following list provides a glimpse of what to consider in cult essays:

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