art-dissertationWriting an art dissertation is simple and easy at the same time; on the one hand, people who have to write dissertations about art feel that it will be an easy endeavor in case they are perfectly familiar with the field of study, i.e., art.
On the other hand, students only starting their work on the dissertation about art may feel it hard to make the strong title, to compose a powerful thesis statement, and to choose viable research methods. The majority of complexities associated with dissertations in art are discussed in the present paper.

Challenges One Faces from the Very Beginning of Writing

  1. It is essential for every writer of a dissertation about art to remember that the dissertation topic and scope of study should fir the institutional research infrastructure
  2. In case the dissertation requires empirical evidence, the writer has to think about whether its practicality can be justifiable in terms of its realism
  3. The faculty specialization should be taken into account – it is quite weird to write a dissertation not matching the study course
  4. Finally, the writers of all art dissertations have to focus on interdisciplinary challenges; in case the work is not critical enough, it will not be welcomed by the review board.

Choosing a Topic for a Dissertation in Art

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dissertation-topicsFeeling nervous about your thesis topics is totally natural. Your choice of a dissertation topic would have serious consequences. Still, there is no need to panic.
Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and look through this list of 30 best dissertation ideas on Business, Management, Nursing, Education, Psychology and Marketing. Here you will find the most topical issues currently discussed in these domains. Any of these topics for dissertations will be highly appreciated by your advisor.
Dissertation topics: Business

  1. The role of Chinese textile and clothing industry in the global trade. Is quantity still better than quality?
  2. The impact of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the economies of developing countries. To join or not to join?
  3. The effects of the debt crisis in the eurozone upon small and medium-sized businesses.
  4. Cutting-edge ideas and savvy management leading to web brilliance at Google.
  5. The effects of the global financial crisis upon giants: Toyota Motor Corporation facing once-in-a-century challenges.

Dissertation topics: Management

  1. The role of Steve Jobs’ management style in the unparalleled success of Apple Inc.
  2. The benefits of internal branding at Yahoo.
  3. Can ‘Taylorism’ and ‘Fordism’ be management standards worldwide?
  4. Risk management and worker protection practices at Nestle.
  5. The creative methods of employee retention at Wal-Mart.

Dissertation topics: Nursing

  1. The perceived barriers to effective pain management in pediatric settings.
  2. The use of patient restraints in modern health care.
  3. Evidence-based practice versus intuition in modern health care.
  4. Creating interdisciplinary teams for acute care.
  5. The implications of culture awareness in nursing practice.

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As you finally approach your master degree, you probably feel a little bit nervous about completing your dissertation study. Frantically looking through dozens of dissertation study guides, you search the answers to a million of questions on content and formatting of your dissertation. Do not worry! We have assembled the key tips in our concise dissertation study guide!
Dissertation Study: The Basics
As you plan your dissertation, bear in mind the following points from our dissertation study guide:

  1. Deadlines for your dissertation should be strictly observed, thus plan your work so that you are not delayed by library closured during public holidays or computer setbacks;
  2. Plan to produce between ten to twenty thousand words, basing on your school requirements;
  3. As hallmarks of quality for your dissertation take organization and appropriate argumentation, insightful evaluation of relevant sources and data, and logical link of theory and results to your hypotheses.

Dissertation Study: The Topic
Another point in our dissertation study guide is choosing the right topic:

  • Think of a general area within your curriculum that has been of greatest interest to you;
  • Research the existing literature to outline a specific issue to research in your paper;
  • Note the issues researched insufficiently or from a different point of view than that you may suggest for your research.

Dissertation Study: The Process
Our dissertation study guide suggests you keep to the following pattern of work on your dissertation:

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One of the most captivating dissertations to write is drama dissertation. In the world of art and literature, drama is one of the most significant genres that unites speech, movement, sound, and decoration.
If you find yourself at a loss as to where to start your drama dissertation, do not give up too soon! Read through our drama dissertation tips and find out how to enjoy writing your drama dissertation!
Drama Dissertation: Finding the General Area to Explore
The art of drama has been here already since the Ancient Greeks! Therefore, you can choose from a widest range of areas to explore in your drama dissertation. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. The history of drama in various periods of human existence (the ancient times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, etc.)
  2. Drama as a synthetic art.
  3. Philosophy of modern drama.
  4. Separate branches of drama (comedy, tragedy, etc.)
  5. Stylistic peculiarities of a certain playwright.
  6. Personalities of famous drama actors.
  7. Social significance of drama at various times.

Drama Dissertation: Collecting Information
It is no secret that a proper dissertation should be written based on a significant study of already existing research. Drama dissertation is no exception to the rule. That is why it is advisable that you collect sufficient information from both primary and secondary sources in order to develop the ideas of your drama dissertation. Among those sources you may consider some of the following:

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