number courseworkA number coursework is quite a serious and difficult type of academic papers. As all number studies are very precise, you will have to be very accurate when writing your number coursework. In this article, we will describe and explain you every step of number coursework writing.
Writing number courseworks: the first step
Above all, focus on the chosen topic of your number coursework. You should understand the topic and the tasks of your coursework. This means that you need to have a clear vision of the final version of your number coursework.
Writing number courseworks: the second step
Second, you should briefly formulate the objectives and hypothesis of your number coursework. It will help you define the direction of your research. This will also be a prompt on where to look for basic information or, to be more precise, what particular information you need. At this stage, you need to collect necessary materials.
Writing number courseworks: the third step
Third, create an outline of your number coursework. This outline should contain not only the headings of your coursework parts; it should contain a brief description of each part as well. It is recommended to make such outline, as it will help you to structure your number coursework properly and precisely.
Writing number courseworks: the fourth step

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ICT courseworkICT coursework is worth 60% of your final GCSE mark. We consider it quite a significant reason to work hard on your ICT coursework.
You should start getting ready to submit your ICT coursework long before the deadline in order to have enough time to edit or re-write it, if necessary.
You should choose a topic for your ICT coursework that is of interest to you. It should be some particular problem or an aspect of a problem.
This topic may be changed in the course of writing your ICT coursework. Usually, students narrow their ICT coursework topic while collecting information, which becomes the basis of their work.
It is recommended to use academic printed sources. Naturally, Internet sources may be used as well. However, academic sources are proved to be more valuable, reliable and valid.
One of the important stages of ICT coursework writing is making an outline. Your outline has to be very detailed in order to help you carry out your research, stay on the right track, and not to miss something important. First, divide your coursework into 3 major parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Then, define what you are going to write in each part. You can use key words for this purpose.

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enzyme courseworkThis article will be rather interesting for those who are going to write an enzyme coursework. Honestly, such kind of work is not a usual one. That is why it is not very easy to conduct a research, find necessary theoretical data and analyze everything without certain instructions.
You are a lucky person, as here you will find quite a simple and absolutely free guide on writing an enzyme coursework.
Enzymes are such biomolecules that catalyze different chemical reactions. So, you need to find your old smock, remember how to use the microscope and start working on your enzyme coursework.

  1. Pick out a topic for your enzyme coursework. If you have no ideas, pay attention to following variants, maybe, some of them will help you:
    • The usage of enzymes in baby foods.
    • How enzymes clarify fruit juices.
    • Structures and mechanisms of enzymes.
  2. Talk to your tutor about possible ways to disclose the topic of the enzyme coursework.
  3. Think how to conduct a research. To create a good enzyme coursework you need not only to find interesting material, but also hold an experiment. A bit of practice will never spoil such work.
  4. Rush is not for writing an enzyme coursework. You have a certain structure to keep to. So, take into consideration all the requirements and start writing.
  5. Do not forget about editing. Mistakes may spoil your grade on the enzyme coursework. So, check your writing carefully.

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coursework on Halloween

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.

Author Unknown

You have to write a coursework on any holiday you like. What will it be about? What is your favourite holiday? Birthday? Christmas? New Year? Well, do you not think that these holidays have already been discussed many times?
We suggest you pick a holiday that students like most of all! We suggest you write a coursework on Halloween!
Writing your coursework on Halloween gives you an opportunity to investigate its origins, traditions, and other interesting details. We just want to give a couple of ideas for you to start your own investigation.
Use the following facts to create your coursework on Halloween:

  • In the US, Halloween started as an autumn harvest festival. Why was a pumpkin chosen as the symbol of Halloween? Investigate this issue in your coursework on Halloween.
  • In XIX century, Halloween became associated with witches and ghosts. What influenced such associations? Answer this question in your coursework on Halloween.
  • Did you know that American single women stay in a room with candles and look at mirrors to see their future husbands? What do people in other countries do on this holiday? Write about this in your coursework on Halloween.
  • What do you know about Lord Samhain? It is said that he was the Lord of Darkness who delivered spirits to the Underworld. Develop this idea in your coursework on Halloween.

You can either pick one of the above-mentioned ideas or talk about each of them and present a thrilling coursework on Halloween. Good luck!

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