History term paper ideas need to prove to the professor that the student grasps the scholarly approach to researching and writing a paper for the humanities. Term papers for history provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge about a given period of history. If you need to write a history term paper in the near future, consider this list of ideas for history term papers for inspiration:

Write a term paper for history about some of the most high-profile murders and murderers in history, such as:
The murder of the monk Rasputin at the hands of Prince Felix Yusupov, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and the politician Vladimir Purishkevich, which special emphasis on the pre-revolutionary political climate in Russia during the First World War that led to the murder
The murder of Trotsky in Coyoacán, Mexico by Ramón Mercader, a member of Stalin’s secret police, with emphasis on Trotsky’s role in the Russian Revolution
Serial killer Belle Gunness, who killed 49 people and faked her own death to avoid punishment, with special emphasis on the relationship between Gunness and her accomplice Ray Lamphere
Some more ideas for history term papers include:
Write about the controversy that surrounds the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance, a period of roughly 700 years between the 6th century and the 13th century. Were the Middle Ages truly a period of intellectual decline, the so-called Dark Ages, or does this description erroneously characterize this part of history as lacking cultural or intellectual contributions?

Write about an architectural discovery that significantly altered the accepted interpretations surrounding a period of history or a specific location. An example would be the discovery of the Viking city of Jorvik under Coppergate Street in York, United Kingdom between 1976 and 1981.
Write about a recent human event that destroyed something of significant historical value, such as the Bamiyan Buddhas that were blown up by the Taliban in 2001, or the Three Gorges dam in China that submerged numerous archeological sites. Is preserving history more important than a country’s autonomy?

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