dissertation-topicsFeeling nervous about your thesis topics is totally natural. Your choice of a dissertation topic would have serious consequences. Still, there is no need to panic.
Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and look through this list of 30 best dissertation ideas on Business, Management, Nursing, Education, Psychology and Marketing. Here you will find the most topical issues currently discussed in these domains. Any of these topics for dissertations will be highly appreciated by your advisor.
Dissertation topics: Business

  1. The role of Chinese textile and clothing industry in the global trade. Is quantity still better than quality?
  2. The impact of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the economies of developing countries. To join or not to join?
  3. The effects of the debt crisis in the eurozone upon small and medium-sized businesses.
  4. Cutting-edge ideas and savvy management leading to web brilliance at Google.
  5. The effects of the global financial crisis upon giants: Toyota Motor Corporation facing once-in-a-century challenges.

Dissertation topics: Management

  1. The role of Steve Jobs’ management style in the unparalleled success of Apple Inc.
  2. The benefits of internal branding at Yahoo.
  3. Can ‘Taylorism’ and ‘Fordism’ be management standards worldwide?
  4. Risk management and worker protection practices at Nestle.
  5. The creative methods of employee retention at Wal-Mart.

Dissertation topics: Nursing

  1. The perceived barriers to effective pain management in pediatric settings.
  2. The use of patient restraints in modern health care.
  3. Evidence-based practice versus intuition in modern health care.
  4. Creating interdisciplinary teams for acute care.
  5. The implications of culture awareness in nursing practice.

Dissertation topics: Education

  1. The main disadvantages of special education for hard of hearing students as compared to mainstreaming and inclusion.
  2. The most effective dual language programs for bilingual education.
  3. The main reasons for the growing popularity of unschooling.
  4. The main benefits of taking a gap year after high school.
  5. The effectiveness of computer-based programs in elementary schools.

Dissertation topics: Psychology

  1. Telescoping effects as an emotional response of the witnesses of 9/11 events.
  2. The effects of the parent’s presence at the dental office upon children’s behaviors.
  3. The association between body mass index and symptoms of depression.
  4. The coping strategies for sibling jealousy in older children.
  5. The differences in emotional expressiveness of married men and women.

Dissertation topics: Marketing

  1. Online marketing used by Camel to overcome the tobacco advertising bans.
  2. The motivation of Nike for including people with disabilities into advertisements.
  3. Humor as a powerful tool used in advertisements of Procter & Gamble.
  4. Coca-Cola as a historical pioneer in marketing strategies.
  5. Rediscovered marketing as the key to the success of McDonald’s in the era of healthy eating.

Selecting any of these thesis topics, you will find yourself one step closer to successful graduation and the long-anticipated degree.

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