classification-essay-topicsFinding a good classification essay topic is the first step to receiving an excellent grade for your paper. However, the second step is to find an appropriate principle for classification. Fortunately, in this list of top 30 classification essay topic ideas you will find not only sample topics, but also suggestions of classification principles which will make your task much easier.
Classification essay topics: Internet

  1. Classify Facebook or Twitter users according to their activity;
  2. profile pictures of your friends on Facebook according to their style;
  3. YouTube videos according to the effects produced upon viewers;
  4. search engines according to their popularity;
  5. websites according to the level of user-friendliness;

Classification essay topics: academic life

  1. geography of the classroom based on the willingness of students to participate to the discussion;
  2. fellow students according to their attitudes to study;
  3. learning styles according to the preferred channel of receiving information;
  4. exam preparation styles according to time-management;
  5. tutors according to their requirements (use careful language if you choose this topic);

Classification essay topics: student life

  1. college students according to their involvement in extracurricular activities;
  2. parties according to the dress code for the guests or entertainment activities taking place;
  3. geography of college cafeteria according to interpersonal relations between students;
  4. types of student shows depending on their success with the audience;
  5. types of brotherhoods/sisterhoods according to the values shared by their members;

Classification essay topics: parents

  1. parenting styles according to the level of children’s freedom;
  2. parents according to their conservatism;
  3. students’ attitudes to their parents according to the level of trust (whether they use ‘filters’ to falsify their college experiences, use them partially or do not use them at all);
  4. student-parents relations according to the common interests they have;
  5. generation gaps in families according to the coping strategies family members use;

classification-essay-paper-topicsClassification essay topics: art

  1. your favorite books according to their genres or authors;
  2. favorite movies according to genres;
  3. best and worst concerts you have ever visited according to your impressions from them;
  4. memorable visits to museums/art galleries according to your company or guide’s efforts;
  5. your acquaintances who are fond of celebrities according to the level of their devotion to a superstar (how close they are to Celebrity Worship Syndrome);

Classification essay topics: observation

  1. students’ behavior during exam according to their knowledge and confidence;
  2. customers’ behavior in a queue according to their impatience;
  3. people’s behavior in a mall according to the time they spend on choosing every single item;
  4. people’s reactions to jokes according to their temperaments and sense of humor;
  5. audience in a cinema watching a comedy or a horror film according to their emotional expressivity.

As you see, these classification essay paper topics are accompanied by principles for classification to fill you with enthusiasm. It is exactly what you need for writing an A+ paper. Any of these 30 classification paper topics can become a perfect starter for your essay.

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