MLA-bibliographyMLA Bibliography Creation: Experts’ Efficient Recommendations.
Are you dealing with a bibliography in MLA? You can definitely use some help. What is an MLA bibliography , after all? As a matter of fact, the whole thing is pretty easy – just take a glance at the tips below, and you’ll see it yourself!
MLA Bibliography Development: Explaining the Formatting Basics.
If you mention an idea that belongs to anyone else but you, you have to mention the author as well – otherwise, it’ll be plagiarism.
You know that.
That said, creating a bibliography for MLA is a perfect way to quote the needed concepts safely. Now let’s see what an MLA bibliography is made of.
MLA Bibliography Writing: Learn the Formula of Instant Success!
Even casting a glance at all these rules makes your head dizzy – no wonder, with all those details and niceties to remember.
However, did you know that there is a formula of perfect MLA formatting? Just fill in the necessary gaps of the table below, and – voila! – your MLA bibliography entry is ready!

  1. Lastname, Firstname.
  2. “Article/Chapter Title.”
  3. Book/Journal/Site Title.
  4. Volume.Issue
  5. Place:
  6. Publisher,
  7. Date of publishing.
  8. Medium
  9. Date of access (for Web).
  10. URL<>.

As you can see, it’s quite easy. Just pick the sections that your source has. With this little helper, you can be sure your bibliography MLA formatting will always be impeccable.
MLA Bibliography Examples: Follow in the Footprints of Experts!
Now it’s time to see the way professionals reference sources in an MLA Works Cited page. Take a look at this sample of MLA bibliography citations:

Works Cited

Book Adams, Peter. Wildlife. New York, NY: Routledge, 1999. Print.
Book Chapter Barry, John. “How-to: MLA Bibliography.” Citation Styles. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2010. Print.
Journal Carry, Linda. “Children Psychology.” The Journal of Positive Psychology, 37.5, 2007. Print.
.MP3 source Grieg, Edvard. “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Peer Gynt. 2003. MP3.
.docx source Hall, Susan. “Subsidiaries.” Lectures on Economics. 2010. MS Office Word file.
Web page “Movies.” Disney. 2003. Web. 1 Feb. 2012. .

That’s what students call a proper format for MLA bibliography!

MLA Bibliography Hints: Avoid These Typical Mistakes and Slips.
bibliography-in-MLABe careful – avoid the most widespread mistakes. Here are some warnings for you:

  • Remember to arrange the sources in alphabetical order!
  • Use the correct quotation marks: “Something,” not ‘Something’ or „Something;‟
  • Can’t find the date? Don’t’ leave a blank space – use n.d. instead;
  • Can’t locate the author? Don’t insert anything – simply start with the title;
  • Is there no publisher? No blank space again – use n.p. instead in your MLA bibliography citation.

That’s all there is to an MLA bibliography format!
MLA Bibliography Style: the Most Crucial Referencing Peculiarity
The last, but definitely not the least piece of advice is…
Check every single entry for correspondence with the in-text citation!
If it’s Cunningham in text, it must be Cunningham in the Works Cited page – not Cuningam or Kunningham. Be attentive!

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