Students rarely write about such topics as cults. Nevertheless, researching the internet you can find that there are tons of materials on such phenomena. Despite such popularity, writing cult essays is not that simple, where most of the information that you can find will be somewhat controversial.
Cult essays might vary in their topics, albeit most of them will have several opposing views. This article provides a brief explanation on the process of writing about controversial topics, based on the example of cult essays.
Controversy in Cult Essays
A controversy in cult essays implies that there are several different opinions on a particular aspect of a cult, one or more of which might cause debates in the society. Considering that cult essays might be dealing with topics such as religion, politics, human rights, etc, and at the same, time touching on subjects such as society, health, and media, the issue of controversy can be understood.
People rarely agree on topics involving the latter, and in that regard, cult essays are no different. Thus, the main aspect can be seen in delivering the content in a way that provides a balanced view on such phenomena and at the same time presents a strong thesis that supports one of the declared positions.
In writing cult essays, there are several aspects that should be considered. The following list provides a glimpse of what to consider in cult essays:

  • Do not provide opinions from non-credible sources.
  • Do not make assertions, unless they were already proven facts.
  • Refute opposing claims with sources equal or stronger in credibility than the sources of claims.
  • If the format of the essay implies using personal opinions, clearly indicate opinions are used.

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