controversial issue essayEven if you have not written too many essays on controversial issues yet, be ready for writing a huge number of such essays in the future. Essays on abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, animal rights and experiments, biotechnologies – these are just a few tasks you will have to prepare.
So, what is so special about writing controversial issues essays? Why are they teachers’ favourite pedagogical tools? What should you know to prepare good controversial issues essays? Let us answer these and some other questions.
Why are papers on controversial issues so frequently assigned?
To put everything into simple words, writing controversial issues essays is simply a useful exercise. This type of essays helps students:

  • develop analytical thinking and writing skills;
  • broaden their horizons and develop opinions on various world issues;
  • improve students’ searching skills and ability to operate with facts and arguments.

What should one know about essays on controversial issues?
It seems to be a good idea to figure out what “controversial issues” actually mean and then get down to writing controversial issues essays.
In a few words, controversial issues can be defined as burning issues, hot buttons that cause debates. Such issues call different feelings and opinions due to various reasons such as religious and political beliefs, personal values, culture, etc. This is exactly why persuading someone (which is one of the main purposes of writing controversial issues essays) is not that easy.
What should one keep in mind when writing a controversial issue essay?
There is one simple rule that you should remember. The more facts you have the more convincing and sound your controversial issue essay will be. Only verified facts and solid arguments can support your standpoint.
A short list of controversial topics for essays:

  • Medical ethics;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • Censorship;
  • Images created by media;
  • Capital punishment;
  • Gun control;
  • Global warming;
  • Teen pregnancy, etc.

Here, you may learn more about writing debate essays.

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