essays on Star WarsDo you need a good topic for your essay? Well, we suggest you write essays on Star Wars! To be more exact, we suggest you write Star Wars essays so that to persuade the readers to watch at least one of six movies directed by George Lucas.
Believe us, if you manage to persuade, it means that your essay is grounded, well planned and successful.
Now, you need several interesting facts for your Star Wars essay to intrigue the readers.
We are glad to present you several facts. Maybe, one of them will be chosen as the theme of essays on Star Wars.

  • Universal Studios turned out Star Wars. It was the biggest mistake ever made. What were the reasons? What studios agreed to release the first and other parts? Find more information about it to present in Star Wars essays.
  • Harrison Ford was an unknown actor who worked as a carpenter. Star Wars made a future Indiana Jones famous. Why did Lucas decide to choose him? Do you know the answer to this question? Give it in Star Wars essays.
  • A kind, talented boy Anakin Skywalker and an evil, merciless Darth Vader is the same character. How could it be? The answer to this question bothered so many people till the last episode was released. So, what is the secret? Arouse the readers’ interest by developing this idea in the Star Wars essays.

Keep in mind that essays editing is a very important step. Do not forget to edit Star Wars essays after you finish writing it and use our tips to do it properly.
Here, you can also find more topics for persuasive essays. Read them if you are not a real fan of Star Wars.
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