mark scheme

“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness”
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesch

These words of an Indian Spiritual leader, Rajneesch, may become a good motto of this article and the information we want to discuss.
You are a student. You really want to prepare excellent projects and get only high grades. Well, you need to know the major key to such success. We would like to share one of them with.
This secret of successful project completion is your awareness of the mark scheme your teacher uses.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide all possible mark schemes, since we do not know what exact type of work you are going to present.
Each mark scheme is individual for each type of work:

  • Coursework mark scheme;
  • Dissertation mark scheme;
  • Research paper mark scheme, etc…

So, you need to find the one applicable to your assignment. You may wonder how you can use such mark scheme to improve your paper. Well, everything is rather simple. If you know the main criteria of the mark scheme your teacher uses, it is easier to concentrate on those things that will be paid special attention to.
When tutors evaluate students’ works, they usually use mark schemes and certain criteria:

  • Title page, chapters and their order;
  • Format, style and language;
  • Purposes set, the way topic is disclosed;
  • Students points of view on the problem, and so on…

Hope now you realize that even such trifles as a mark scheme, an assessment list, etc. will help you improve your work and get good grades.
However, if you have no time or desire to look for mark schemes, study them, etc., you can simply find a reliable custom writing service and make an order. Good luck!

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