essay templateMany students fail essays just for one simple reason. They do not have a good essay template at hand.
In this article, we want to present you one of the possible essay templates. Let us start right now.
Essay Template: Introduction
If you have no ideas how to start writing an essay introduction, make use of the following essay template:

  • 1st sentence – attract the reader’s attention;
  • 2nd sentence – present your topic clearly;
  • 3rd sentence – introduce your thesis statement;

Essay Template: Main Body
In this essay template, we suggest you use two supporting paragraphs. Each of them should be written in the order presented below. However, these paragraphs are about two different issues related to the topic of your essay.

  • 1st sentence – underline what issue you are going to disclose in your essay;
  • 2nd sentence – start with introducing several ideas that support your thesis statement;
  • 3rd – 6th sentences – concentrate on catchy details, facts, statistics, evidences, etc. In a word, write everything that can give a clear idea of your topic, your own vision of the matter.
  • 7th sentence – finish this paragraph by presenting vivid and bright examples.

Essay Template: Conclusion
The final point of our essay template is a conclusion. Follow these tips:

  • 1st sentence – restate the main idea once again;
  • 2nd sentence – say your “final” word about the issue under consideration;
  • 3rd sentence – use a famous quotation to make your essay more convincing;
  • 4th sentence – say what you think about the work done.

If you feel blocked and confused, this essay template is a good way out. Just remember that there are no boundaries for your creativity. Improve this essay template by means of interesting illustrative material and quotations.
Such essay template may be used for writing a Sonami essay or a Wellness essay. So, do not forget to make use of it.

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