“The threat of nuclear weapons and man’s ability to destroy the environment are really alarming. And yet there are other almost imperceptible changes – I am thinking of the exhaustion of our natural resources, and especially of soil erosion – and these are perhaps more dangerous still, because once we begin to feel their repercussions it will be too late.”
(p. 144 of The Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Inner Peace: 2002, Element Books, London)

soil essaysSoil erosion is one of the most burning problems in the field of agriculture and natural environment. This problem is hotly discussed not only among experts but within academic institutions as well. Students are assigned to write different types of papers on soil.
So, if you have to accomplish an essay on soil erosion this time, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find ideas to develop in soil essays.

  1. Soil Erosion and Conservation
  2. When developing this idea in your soil essay, present the reasons for soil erosion and conservation. One of the most important causes you should mention in the soil erosion essay is environmental pollution. Among the other important causes are:

    • Misuse of land;
    • Mismanagement of arable land;
    • Overgrazing;
    • Poor soil and water management.
  3. Problems Associated with Soil Erosion
  4. What effects can soil erosion yield? Are they dangerous? You should answer these questions in papers on soil. Besides, in essay papers on soil erosion, you can talk about the results that erosion of soil can lead to. It would be quite reasonable to talk about the types of soil erosion before you pass to the problems associated with it.

  5. Soil Conservation Matrix
  6. If you decide to consider this issue in the essay on soil, we strongly recommend you do the following:

    • Present and examine three major types of soil degradation that occur in the environment;
    • Briefly explain how each type of damage occurs.

You can also include a quotation of Dalai Lama presented at the beginning of the article into your soil erosion essay. It will help you to sound more persuasively.
Soil erosion can also be a good topic for consideration in a Geography dissertation and A level Geography coursework. If you need help with any of them, welcome to our blog!

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