history courseworkDo you need some ideas for a History coursework? Do you not know what historical issues to highlight in the History coursework? Well, this article gives you a wonderful opportunity to read interesting facts from the World History and use them in your History coursework.
For example, do you know that John Jay, an American politician and diplomat, redeemed slaves in order to make them free?
You may wonder how this fact will help you to write your History coursework. Well, you have a fact. It is a good starting point. Next, decide whether it is interesting to you or you would like to investigate something else.
If you are not interested in slavery and would like to cover another topic, read several catchy facts that you can present in your History coursework:

  • You have probably heard that Cleopatra was fond of snakes and venoms. Do you know that she tested the efficiency of different venoms on her slaves?
  • What do you know about the Mongolian conqueror Timur (also known as Tamerlane)? Do you know that he was fond of polo? Even more, he preferred to play this game using the skulls of people he killed instead of balls. He also built a pyramid using the heads of dead people. The pyramid was 9 meters high.
  • Do you know that the ancestors of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill were Read Indians? Find more information about this fact and present the results of your searches in the History coursework.

There are so many facts about different politicians, travellers, and other people who played an important role in our history. You can write about any leader, politician, etc. in your History coursework.
However, do not forget to discuss the topic you would like to cover in the History coursework with your tutor.
On our site, you will always find coursework help and a reliable coursework guide that will help you to present a thrilling History coursework.

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