A Level English courseworkAdvanced Level is one of the qualifications provided by General Certificate of Education. It is also known as A-Level qualification.
One of the possible assignments students may get is writing A-Level English courseworks. If you want to succeed in preparing your A Level coursework in English, you need to pick out a good topic and follow all the requirements.
The choice of topic is the main subject of this article.
Right now, let us present you several ideas for A Level English course work.
A Level English coursework, idea #1: Language
There is a great variety of topics that may be disclosed in A Level English coursework of this kind. You may:

  • Investigate new acronyms and abbreviations in computer lexicon;
  • Compare Black English of XX and XXI centuries;
  • Analyze the development of eponyms in American English;
  • Study recently appeared dialects in English.

A Level English coursework, idea #2: Literature
English Literature is so rich that you can easily pick out a worthwhile topic for your A Level English coursework. For example, you can:

  • Write about the life and works of Jane Austin;
  • Present interesting research on how Robinson Crusoe was created (written by Daniel Defoe);
  • Create a project telling about the works of J. K. Rowling (you have definitely heard about Harry Potter’s adventures).

A Level English coursework, idea #3: People and Culture
English culture is also one of the possible topics for your A Level English coursework. You may plunge into the history and find catchy facts about old customs and traditions. Here are several ideas for you:

  • Investigate the history of Halloween. Today it is known as Trick or Treat holiday, but long time ago, it was the day when evil spirits came to the world and did terrible things…
  • Write about Christmas traditions: how to decorate your room, what food should be on tables, etc…

Good luck with your A Level English coursework!

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