division and classification essaysWriting a division and classification essay is one of the possible tasks students may get. Do you want to know the ways of preparing successful division and classification essays? Then this article is what you need.
Division and classification essays: their essence
Division and classification essays consider large groups (of people, things, events, ideas, etc…) divided into smaller and more understandable categories.
Division and classification essays: issues to consider
While writing a division/classification essay, you need to concentrate on three main issues. They are:

  1. Categories
  2. You need to define the categories a certain group will be divided into. Explain why this very classification will be used and specify the purpose of your paper. Be clear and up to the point.

  3. Classification by single principles
  4. Present your categories and the principles of classification you want to use in your classification/division essay. Do not be wordy. Make clear statements and explanations to them.

  5. Supportive examples.
  6. Make sure that the examples you choose for your classification fit the categories properly. You also need to check whether all examples fit the purpose of your division/classification essay.

Division and classification essays: the structure required
Introduction: present a thesis statement.
Body: identify the categories and introduce them, providing supportive examples;
Conclusion: write whether your attempt to classify and divide was successful.
Mind that you can use several free classification and division essays in order to:

  • find interesting topics;
  • get the overall idea of writing such papers;
  • get to know about the structure required;
  • analyze the ideas offered by other writers.

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