Macbeth courseworkMacbeth is one of the best plays written by William Shakespeare. The date of its creation remains uncertain (between 1603 and 1606). However, it is not that important.
If you are reading this article, we can suppose that you lack ideas for your Macbeth coursework. Well, it is not surprising! A lot has already been told and written about this play.
It becomes more and more difficult to amaze readers with your Macbeth coursework. That is why we have prepared several quite interesting ideas. You can consider them in your Macbeth courseworks.
One of frequently discussed issues in this play is predictions of witches. You may underline in your Macbeth coursework how exactly three witches influenced the destiny of the main character. In addition, you can write whether you believe in such predictions and why.
Analyze the behaviour of Lady Macbeth and compare it with that of the present day women. It may be quite an interesting investigation for your Macbeth courseworks.
Discuss in your Macbeth coursework whether this play is a real tragedy. Take into consideration the ideas of different philosophers (Aristotle, Socrates or Plato) on how a tragedy should look like.
In order to disclose these ideas in your Macbeth coursework, you have to read the play, pay attention to criticism, analyze and sort out all materials found and present the outcomes of hard work in your Macbeth coursework.
Shakespeare created a lot of masterpieces, all of them are worth our attention. So, your next assignment for the Literature course can be devoted to one of them. You can find necessary information on how to write Romeo and Juliet coursework or Hamlet coursework on our site.

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