Mama Day essayAgain you are here, searching for some information you can use in your essay. It is rather easy to predict that your assignment is to write a Mama Day essay, since you are reading this very article (or you are just interested in this novel).
So, you hold a book by Gloria Naylor Mama Day in your hands. This novel was written in 1988. Gloria Naylor was really excited by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This work gave her an impulse to create a splendid novel about alternative medicine, cross-cultural issues and family relationships.
Well, you are looking for some help with writing your essay about Mama Day, and you may find it here right now.
Surely, it is better to read the novel. It will not take much time and will be a real pleasure for you. After you learn more about its plot, you can start working on your Mama Day essay.
The following hints might be rather interesting for you:

  1. You need to decide on the type of your Mama Day essays: it can be a contrast essay, where you compare this novel with some other works of Gloria Naylor, or it can be an evaluation essay, where you pick out one particular theme and evaluate it. It can be the idea of alternative medicine provided by Afro-Americans.
  2. You should not forget to mention the main characters of the novel in your Mama Day essay. It is necessary to underline that fates of the characters are closely connected to each other. So, interesting and spicy details will improve your Mama Day essay.
  3. You may introduce your personal attitude to the treatment described in the novel. Your strong belief will be the key point of your Mama Day essays.

Now you have several ideas for your Mama Day essay. It is time to choose the most appropriate issue and start writing your Mama Day essay!

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