intermediate courseworkOf course, an intermediate coursework is not the most difficult assignment you will have to prepare. However, students face difficulties while completing it as well. This is why we want to present you several essentials of writing an intermediate coursework.
Why is an intermediate coursework important?
An intermediate coursework is an academic paper that is assigned to check student’s awareness of a certain topic. It is less important than a degree coursework, for example. Still, it has own requirements and peculiarities.
Let us give you an example. You need to prepare a coursework on Shakespeare as the final project for your Literature class. Writing a Macbeth coursework may be this intermediate assignment. With the help of such intermediate coursework, you tutor checks whether:

  • You can analyze the works of Shakespeare properly;
  • You know enough about Shakespeare;
  • Your writing skills and thinking abilities correspond to the necessary level;
  • You understand Shakespeare’s style of writing;
  • You are ready to complete a degree coursework on Shakespeare.

As you can see, your intermediate coursework plays a very important role. It is a good motivation not to fail this work.
How should you write an intermediate coursework?
It is very important to choose the right way of preparing your intermediate coursework. Check our pieces of advice:

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past courseworksDo you remember what your past coursework was about? Do you remember what you did to your past coursework? If you are a freshman, most likely you threw it away or put it in the most abandoned corner of your room.
Well, in fact, a lot of freshman do so, since they just do not realize how helpful past courseworks can be. If you are holding your past coursework now and want to throw it away, hold on a minute. Read this article till the end first.
Why to keep past courseworks
Do you know the main secret of classes that you take no matter what your major is? With time, classes tend to overlap – they are built on information covered during other lectures. It means, information and topics that you have studied previously might repeat in the future.
This is when past courseworks and all your previous works in general can help you. If you keep them, you do not have to do the same work again. Take your past coursework, look it through, and develop its topic further. It is a perfect option, in fact, when you are free to choose a topic.
More details about keeping past courseworks
There are several rules of keeping past courseworks if you want them to be really useful.

  • Keep all past courseworks in one place.
  • Think of some sort of organizational system for your past courseworks.
  • Look them through from time to time. Probably, some of your past courseworks will not be helpful anymore.
  • If it is possible, transform your papers into electronic format and store on your PC and a CD.

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RS courseworkWriting about religion is always challenging and captivating. You choose an idea, analyze different approaches, consider various points of view, and so on.
Are you sure that the chosen way of writing is correct? Do you know how to improve your RS coursework? This is what our article will be about.
We will present several facts about RS coursework writing and give you a couple of suggestions on how to check whether you are following the right track.

  1. Do you know that your RS coursework is worth up to 20% of your final grade?
  2. Do you know how to cite sources according to the required style? This is important, since if you do not want to be accused of plagiarism, you need to cite sources used for writing your RS coursework.
  3. Do you know the requirements for your RS coursework, like margins, space, font, type, etc? If no, talk to your tutor.

Usually, students can choose a topic for their RS coursework independently. Thus, while deciding, consider your level of knowledge, personal preferences, and the availability of sources.
After you finish writing your RS coursework, answer the following questions:

  • Did you show deep knowledge of religious beliefs? (used correct vocabulary, gave clear explanations, etc.)
  • Did you organize your RS coursework properly? (used the required structure, references, etc.)
  • Did you underline the importance of religion? (demonstrated how religion influences people, their life, and so on.)
  • Did you evaluate different religions? (chose several religions and analyzed them from different perspectives)

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A2 courseworksStudents take the A2 Level in the second year of their full A Level course. However, this A2 Level is not a separate qualification.
It is just the second half of the A Level, where students deepen their knowledge gained during the AS Level.
To pass their A2 Level, students have to complete three assignments:

  • Write A2 courseworks;
  • Present illustrated Personal Studies in a written form;
  • Pass the final test.

In this article, we will present information on how to complete A2 courseworks.
First, you need a good plan for writing your A2 coursework. Consider each step of the writing process:

  • Choose a topic;
  • Gather material;
  • Analyze all information found;
  • Make an outline for your A2 coursework;
  • Write your A2 coursework;
  • Edit the paper;

Try not to miss or put off any step. It is always easier to make excuses than to find time and complete the work.
Second, you need to develop a good idea in your A2 coursework. Let it be the issue you are really interested in. When a topic is interesting for a writer to investigate, it keeps him/her motivated throughout the whole writing process.

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