art-dissertationWriting an art dissertation is simple and easy at the same time; on the one hand, people who have to write dissertations about art feel that it will be an easy endeavor in case they are perfectly familiar with the field of study, i.e., art.
On the other hand, students only starting their work on the dissertation about art may feel it hard to make the strong title, to compose a powerful thesis statement, and to choose viable research methods. The majority of complexities associated with dissertations in art are discussed in the present paper.

Challenges One Faces from the Very Beginning of Writing

  1. It is essential for every writer of a dissertation about art to remember that the dissertation topic and scope of study should fir the institutional research infrastructure
  2. In case the dissertation requires empirical evidence, the writer has to think about whether its practicality can be justifiable in terms of its realism
  3. The faculty specialization should be taken into account – it is quite weird to write a dissertation not matching the study course
  4. Finally, the writers of all art dissertations have to focus on interdisciplinary challenges; in case the work is not critical enough, it will not be welcomed by the review board.

Choosing a Topic for a Dissertation in Art

It is true that the proper choice of the topic of any work guarantees its initial failure or success. Thus, the writers of art dissertations have to think about the topic choice as well.
Topics delineate the area of research, and imply what sources, methods of research, objects of research, and expected findings will be involved in the overall research process. There is a list of most popular and potentially strong topics for this kind of work:

  • Dissertation about art history
  • Dissertation in fine art
  • Ancient art study
  • Modern art analysis
  • Vocal arts research
  • Dissertation in art evolution
  • Performing arts critique
  • Visual art analysis
  • Art philosophy
  • Graphic art disposition
  • Dissertation in political art
  • Street art as the new form of creativity

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