text-editLet’s practice doing the impossible.
People say there are three things no one can do: walk on the ceiling, travel in time and edit a text perfectly.
We’ll start with the hardest one. Let’s edit your text. As a matter of fact, it’s easy. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to edit text files.

Text Edit: Remember the General Essentials for Perfect Editing!

When you have a text to edit, follow these stages, and you’ll get a perfect result!

Check Grammatical Mistakes: Check Lexical Mistakes:
  • Remember the correct tense form use (e.g., Past Simple for a narration);
  • Remember to insert the right articles;
  • Use only grammatical structures that you know are 100% correct.
  • Make sure that you know the meaning of each word you use;
  • Make certain that you don’t confuse similar words (e.g., allusion and illusion, etc.)
  • Check that the words you choose convey your ideas.
The General Idea The Flow of the Text
  • Does the paper answer the initial question?
  • Is there a solid thesis statement?
  • Have you restated your thesis statement in the conclusion part?
  • Is there a smooth transition between the paragraphs?
  • Do the arguments make a logical sequence?

Voilà – that’s all it takes to edit text file writing! However, to edit pdf text writing, you’ll need a couple of quite different tips. Follow the experts, and you’ll learn what to do!

Text Edit: Use Effective Software! Three Most Important Programs

Say hello to the programs that’ll help you edit text in PDF documents:

Adobe Acrobat Foxit Reader PDF Viewer
  • use the Select Tool;
  • use the Paste Tool;
  • use special tools to change the font.
  • Choose the Direct Editing option;
  • Use the Select Tool;
  • Use the Copy Tool;
  • Use the Paste Tool.
  • use the Highlight Tool;
  • use the Select Tool;
  • use the Add Comment Tool.

Well, now you don’t have to cry in despair, “How do I edit my text files?!” – you’ve got all you need to check your paper in the most efficient way!

Text Edit vs. Proofreading: Let’s Play Spot-the-Difference Game!

Did you know that a text edit task is quite different from a proofreading task?? It’s time to learn the differences!
Differences between…

Editing Proofreading
  • Includes proofreading;
  • Involves highlighting the problems;
  • Demands checking the guidelines;
  • Focuses on the structure of the paper;
  • Demands reading the paper backwards to catch all slips.
  • Is a part of editing;
  • Involves checking factual mistakes;
  • Checks and adjusts the flow of the paper;
  • Focuses on the essentials of the paper;
  • Demands reading the paper aloud.

The Common Things:

  1. Split the process in several stages;
  2. Check the grammar, spelling, style and content;
  3. Find someone to read your paper to;
  4. Read the paper aloud to spot the tiniest slips;
  5. Ask the so-what question to check the content.

That was simple enough. Now let’s get down to the really cool stuff!

Text Edit Guidelines: Learn to Handle Pictures and Images Easily

Okay, you know pretty much about text editing. But how does one edit pictures with text? It’s time to ask real professionals!

  1. Open your Adobe Photoshop program;
  2. Don’t try to use MS Picture Manager;
  3. Choose the Text Tool to recognize the text;
  4. Point the cursor at the text you want to edit;
  5. Watch the cursor change into an Entry Mode Cursor;
  6. Change the text the way you like;
  7. Make sure that the text is brief and up to the point.

Finally, you’ve reached Enlightenment! Now you can edit texts, handle PDF files, edit text in pictures and check for the tiniest slips. Enjoy your new excellent skills!

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