introduction-to-poetryOkay, there are regular assignments, there are weird assignments, and there are… really weird assignments, and writing a poem definitely belongs to the latter group.
However, writing an essay on Introduction to Poetry, as Billy Collins wrote, seems even harder, doesn’t it?
Not necessarily! With certain tips at hand, writing poem related essays and even poems is really easy – and you’ll see that for yourself soon!

Introduction to Poetry: The Issue and Collins’ Interpretation

Whenever dealing with any sort of writing that describes an introduction to American poetry, as well as the poetry of any other country, there are several things to mention.
There’s a lot of interesting things to search for in Billy Collins poetry – so start on a new adventure! Let’s deal with the ideas that Collins wants to convey.

Introduction to Poetry: A Quick Guide. Dwell on Collins’ Ideas.

There is a treasure trove of ideas you can dwell on to score even higher grades. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Introduction to Poetry: Billy Collins!

  1. Think of who are the people to whom Collins refers as “them”.
  2. Explain what Collins’ understanding of poetry is.
  3. Dwell on what the author meant by saying “drop a mouse into a poem”.
  4. Offer your ideas on what the “poet’s room” is.
  5. Mention the literary devices that Collins uses in his poem.
  6. Explain the purpose of these devices.
  7. Find the background story of the poem.
  8. Explain what the implied messages of the poem are.
  9. Offer your interpretation of the poem.
  10. Quote the opinions of critics on the poem.
  11. Write a clear and concise conclusion.

However, keep in mind that, if you are going to analyze Collins poetry in general or the poems by any other writer, you should follow more general tips:

  • Research the history of the poem creation;
  • Search for hidden messages;
  • Point at stylistic devices Collins uses.

poetry-introductionAnalyzing poetry by Billy Collins is a lot of fun – and you’ll have enough opportunities to make sure about that! And now get ready for another amazing adventure…

Introduction to Poetry: Learning to Write Poems. Brilliant Tips.

If you ask how to do a poem you won’t go far.

Instead, ask yourself what you would like to tell people about. That will lead you to your own introduction to poetry:

  1. What is your message to the readers?
  2. Try to find an unusual way to present your ideas.
  3. Search for the appropriate means (alliteration, allusion, litotes, metaphor, etc.)
  4. Think of an appropriate poem name.
  5. Write down your poem.
  6. Reviw and rewrite it until it looks perfect.

Writing poetry is not about writing poetry – it’s about telling what you mean to say, in a unique way. And with a poetry introduction like this, you’ll be able to express your ideas in the most genuine and inimitable way.

Introduction to Poetry: Examples of Poems Writing and Analysis.

Writing a poem is really easy – ask Billy Collins. Just try to tell people something important, and you’ll get a wonderful poem. Check this:

People read poems to think.
People write poems to share.
And, perhaps, to understand.
It’s time to think and to share.

Indeed, it is. And, perhaps, one day you’ll create an introduction to poetry yourself – all you have to do is to keep practicing. Good luck!

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