paper-writtenWritten Paper: when Speed and Special Skills Matter Unbelievably
You’ve got to write this paper and you’ve got to write it quickly. When time is worth its weight in gold, there’s nothing better than a couple of recommendations from real experts in writing, to help you succeed. So take a closer look below before you start to write a research paper or any other paper!
Written Paper: Professional Pieces of Advice. 5 Steps to Success

Step #1. Arrange Your Ideas. Step #2. Structure Them the Right Way… Step #3. Use Your Imagination. Step #4. Avoid Typical Pitfalls. Step #5. Checking Time: Get Pure Perfection!
  • Use the brainstorming technique;
  • Group your ideas into minor and major ones.
  • Develop an introduction;
  • Think through the text body;
  • Offer effective and unusual conclusions.
  • Approach the problem from a different angle;
  • Include your own ideas on the issue.
  • Avoid including typical writing clichés in the paper written;
  • Do not abuse scholarly language.
  • Proofread the paper carefully;
  • Read it backwards to better see the mistakes.

Written Paper: Revealing the Miraculous Mechanics of the Process

Paper written in APA format Paper written in Chicago style Paper written in Turabian style
  • Remember the dates! As Smith (2000, p. 13) says.
  • Use a lot the reported speech, such as Johnson says, Peterson claims, Jacobson asserts.
Keep in mind the references:
As Barry mentions…
Barry, C. (1999, Biography. New York, NY: Pocket Books), p. 13.
Remember the difference from Chicago style!
According to Lewis…
Lewis, N. (2008, Paper writing. New York, NY: Routledge.), p. 13.

Remember to pay attention to the written paper format!

written-paperWritten Paper: Essential Message Ahead. Remember about Your…
Whenever you deal with paper assignments, there are always some specifics of your own writing standing in your way. Well, use them to make your paper unique!

  • Research paper writing: When you write, look for specific research methods and use written paper rubrics to structure your paper.
  • Term papers: Arrange the research in a specific way and devote most of the paper to the analysis.
  • Essays: Avoid the 5-paragraph structure and use lively, yet fairly formal language.

See? That was really easy. Now get down to your own writing – make a perfect a research paper or any other writing in no time!

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