The process of writing dissertation in some field of science can remind you of building the house. It means that the content and structure are equally important for the author and the reader. Thus, one can use specific dissertation format in order to follow the rules for scientific paper writing.
Dissertation format was created for standardisation of the dissertation forms. Nevertheless, there are some basic points of the dissertation format which are applied to all fields of knowledge.
It should be mentioned that the text of the dissertation is organised according to some specific requirements of dissertation format. Every paper should consist of the following parts:

  1. Introductory chapter. In this extract the author tries to catch attention of the readership and present the topic of the research in some attractive way. Therefore, it should be written according to the dissertation format. In fact, there are many different dissertation formats and the one you will use depends on the professor’s preferences or the university.
  2. Then goes the theoretical chapter of the work. Here the writer presents theoretical basis for the investigation and explains the choice of the methodology.
  3. The third point is the practical chapter of the paper. In this piece of writing the research should be described in details.
  4. Finally, the writer makes conclusions and suggestions concerning the object of the dissertation.

Naturally, all the parts should follow the dissertation format. It is seen in the form of the paper, in the usage of specific fonts, margins and spaces. Besides, the first page is also written according to certain dissertation format. Be sure you are aware of all the peculiarities of the particular dissertation format before starting to use it.

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