Short report writing is a rather vague concept. It is not a separate type of writing. Instead, it is a variety of report writing and, if you know at least something about the latter, then it will not be difficult for you to understand the essence of short report writing.
Short report writing consists in presenting the information in a concise form. In other words, it is almost the same as usual report writing, but it is more compressed.
Short report writing and its requirements
You should remember about the following when dealing with short report writing:

  • Length. Short report writing usually takes no more than 10 pages of the written text. The most important here, just like with any report, is the use of headings and subheadings. Note: it is important to use first and second-level headings, but the formatting of these (alignment, font features, etc) depends on the citation style.
  • Objectivity. Short report writing differs from essay writing. Try to be simply informative, rather than express your own opinions about the issue. If the issue discussed in your short report writing can be viewed from different perspectives, discuss all of them but try not to support any.
  • Recommendations. The only part where your opinion may be expressed is the Recommendations section where you will advise on improvements for a particular situation. Nevertheless, you should not use the pronoun “I” here as well. Instead, try to use “the company should…,” “the government should…” etc.
  • Sources. Citing information is very important in short report writing. You have to show your readers that information presented comes from reliable sources.

Thus, short report writing is not complicated. You only have to remember everything mentioned above before you begin writing your report.

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