The appropriate format of report writing helps not to wander in the information and to make the writing clear and readable. This article is devoted to the report structure. It provides the standard structure of the report and describes how to write each section.
Format of Report Writing: Title Page
Format of report writing sets the following requirements:

  • Write the title of the report, the author’s name and the date of publication.
  • Include the details about the organizations which participated in funding.
  • Include the aim of the report if necessary (for example, “In partial fulfillment for the award of the [Degree] of the [University]).

Format of Report Writing: Contents Page
List all the sections of your report and provide the page numbers according to the format of report writing:
Format of Report Writing: List of Illustrations
Represent the titles of the graphs, charts etc. and the appropriate page numbers according to the format of report writing.
Format of Report Writing: Acknowledgements (Optional)
The format of report writing implies that you may acknowledge the help of those who helped you in the research.
Format of Report Writing: Abstract/Summary
Summarize the purpose and methods of the research, findings and conclusions.
Format of Report Writing: Introduction
Introduce your research, provide the necessary definitions, and give the notion about the report structure.
Format of Report Writing: Background
Indicate the sources of information used in the research. Mention them all, otherwise you risk to be accused of plagiarism.
Format of Report Writing: Methodology and Methods
Describe the methodology and methods used in the research and explain why they are appropriate for this research.
Format of Report Writing: Findings/Analysis
Describe the results of your research. This section may include the description, quantitative information, and the graphical representation of the data.
Format of Report Writing: Conclusion
Summarize the results of your research and provide the conclusion you have made.
Format of Report Writing: Recommendations (Optinal)
Describe the practical implementation of your research results. Provide the list of clear recommendations.

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