A PhD thesis is a scientific paper that requires a serious research. This is why such works cause some problems for students because it is necessary to prepare the practical material and theoretical framework that will be applied in a PhD thesis. In addition to this, as this kind of scientific work is solid, students should create a blitzkrieg plan to cope with the core parts of a PhD thesis.
Consistent steps to be taken to succeed in writing a PhD thesis:
Getting started;
Make a little research on how to write a PhD thesis. Such information can be placed on different websites or in university libraries. This will help you understand which components should be included into a scientific paper and which ones can be omitted.
Choosing a topic and title of a PhD thesis;
Remember that the topic for your research should be unique and original. So, do not even try to plagiarize the ideas from other dissertations. Instead, you may use them as inspirers for your own PhD thesis. Once the topic is identified, you are free to choose the title. Again, do not use hackneyed phrases, but be more creative.
Collecting data and practical material;
A PhD thesis cannot do without data collection process. The sources can vary. You can apply empirical approach and statistical data withdrawn from online databases, or taken from the interviews conducted by you.
Making an outline;
Once all preliminary preparations are fulfilled, you can proceed to writing an outline for your PhD thesis. It should contain chapter titles, topic sentences, and thesis statements.
Consulting your tutor;
When the outline is ready, you should show it to your tutor who can make some amendments and provide alternative suggestions for writing a PhD thesis.

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