essay on examinationNeedless to say, writing examination essays is always a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. Because of the nerve attacks, students tend to forget not only some important info, but also even elementary rules of essay writing. This is why it is so important to practice a lot and learn some secrets of writing effective essays on examination days.
Our writers want to present some of these secrets and important information about examination essays right in this article. So, check out and keep in mind hints and tips that follow next.
Hint 1: examination essays are usually short
It is a common fact indeed, and sometimes an examination essay can be just 150 words long or even less. Anyway, if you plan everything carefully, you do have chances to finish your essay on time and answer the posed question fully.
Hint 2: examination essays are always devoted to topics studied during the course
You will never have to write something that you did not discuss during the course. Thus, thorough revision is one of the keys to preparing a successful examination essay.
Hint 3: examination essays usually answer interpretative questions
Interpretative questions mean those that require you to develop own opinion on an issue. In other words, you need to develop a hypothesis – this is what examination essays are appreciated for.
Hint 4: examination essays are similar to any other essay
If you know how to write an excellent essay, you will not have problems with your examination essay too. At least, you should know these three rules:

  • plan what you are going to write about, make an essay layout;
  • back up your opinion, use all facts, dates, names you can remember;
  • follow the required structure.

Do not forget about these simple but pretty effective principles of writing essays on examination days.

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