basic essay formatWhat is basic essay format all about? What is it for? What does basic essay format include? Let us answer all these questions right now, because essay format plays a more important role than you may think.
So, basic essay format, in a few words, can be defined as a set of rules that refer to the organization of your papers. These rules were invented not just to make essays look accurate and well-organized, but mainly to make them easy for a teacher to read and understand.
Besides, basic essay format can be very helpful for students as it allows following the logical development of ideas and presenting them in the right order.
In all American schools, students are taught to write five paragraph essays. It is considered basic essay format. Use the plan below to create standard five paragraph essays.
Basic essay format: paragraph 1
This paragraph is called Introduction, where you present a topic. This paragraph should start with an attention grabber, usually in the form of an anecdote, catchy fact, intriguing quote, etc. The introduction should finish with a thesis statement or the main idea, which you will support throughout the essay.
Basic essay format: paragraphs 2, 3, 4
These are body paragraphs, where you develop the topic, support your thesis, present your opinions, etc. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, which explains what the paragraph is about, and finish with a transition, which leads to the next paragraph.
Basic essay format: paragraph 5
The final paragraph is called Conclusions. It is considered that a student should restate a thesis here. However, in this final part, you can also share your ideas, feelings about the topic, etc.
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