ICT courseworkICT coursework is worth 60% of your final GCSE mark. We consider it quite a significant reason to work hard on your ICT coursework.
You should start getting ready to submit your ICT coursework long before the deadline in order to have enough time to edit or re-write it, if necessary.
You should choose a topic for your ICT coursework that is of interest to you. It should be some particular problem or an aspect of a problem.
This topic may be changed in the course of writing your ICT coursework. Usually, students narrow their ICT coursework topic while collecting information, which becomes the basis of their work.
It is recommended to use academic printed sources. Naturally, Internet sources may be used as well. However, academic sources are proved to be more valuable, reliable and valid.
One of the important stages of ICT coursework writing is making an outline. Your outline has to be very detailed in order to help you carry out your research, stay on the right track, and not to miss something important. First, divide your coursework into 3 major parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Then, define what you are going to write in each part. You can use key words for this purpose.
After you finish writing your ICT coursework, do not hurry to hand it in. You have to revise your paper to avoid foolish mistakes (such as grammar and spelling mistakes) that can spoil your hard work. Besides, remember that your ICT coursework should be written in one particular style.
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