dissertation citationWhy should I bother myself with such things as dissertation citation styles? What is more important, scientific content or paper format?
These questions are so common in student circles that we can almost hear you ask them. Indeed, sometimes it seems to be fairly unjust –you spend a couple of years in studies, and then you find out your paper is ignored due to incorrect dissertation citation. Yet, let us assure you: dissertation citation style is very important, at least from this, practical point of view.
So, let us look into it – why is dissertation citation so important?
How many sources did you look through when doing your studies? A hundred? Or maybe two? Do you not think it would be a challenging task if no common standards existed?

  • Dissertation citation style is crucial for researches. Thanks to it they (and, by the way, you too) can find needed papers, quote previous researchers and find everything you need in vast masses of scientific papers.
  • You cannot be blamed for plagiarism if you use proper dissertation citation style.
  • The more you cite the more educated you seem to be. Yes, you are well versed in your studies.

But is it bad to make it clear that you have read tons of specialized books and are an expert in your topic?
Dissertation citation styles: a must and trifles
So now, when we know that proper dissertation citation is necessary and useful, let us proceed to the styles themselves. There is a variety of different dissertation citation styles, which could be quite confusing. The point is that you do not need to know them all. There are only three major dissertation citation styles you should be aware of:

  1. APA style is widely used in Social Sciences.
  2. MLA style is common in Humanities.
  3. Chicago style is unique in its own way, because it allows you to express your own opinion when quoting other person.

We understand that sometimes it is hard to follow dissertation citation rules for a devoted researcher, whose primary value is scientific content. But really, it is not that difficult! Learn how to use these rules for your own convenience.
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