Chicago styleChicago style is one of the major styles used for formatting bibliographies and reference lists in academic papers. Naturally, perfect content is what really matters, but failing to stick to formatting requirements is a sure-way to a lowered grade.
Unfortunately, some people tend to neglect such things, relying on high quality content of their papers. Still, you do not want your paper to be underestimated due to formatting mistakes, especially if the results of your scientific research are of the highest value.
Chicago style is fully described in the manual, ‘Chicago Manual of Style’. So let us take a closer look at this manual.
Of course, we do not have enough space to discuss the whole Chicago style manual, but there are some major rules that you should be aware of. If you want to find the Chicago style manual, either go to the library of your university, or talk to your professor or find specialized websites that offer different manuals.
Now, check basic requirements of Chicago style.

  • Organize the items in your reference list alphabetically by author, then — by books, articles, etc.
  • If there is no author, start with a title and date. The only exception is a newspaper article, which should be started with the newspaper’s name.
  • If you deal with webpage content, according to Chicago style you have to begin with the title of the web page and then proceed with the title of the entire website. Sometimes it is important to mention the date you accessed the page if its content is frequently updated.
  • Double-space every line.
  • Single-space endnotes, footnotes and references.
  • Use 1-inch margins on each side.
  • The title page of a Chicago style research paper should be formatted as follows: state the name of your academic institution, the full title of your paper, info about the course, your name and the date of submission.
  • Start pagination from the second page, and place page numbers in the upper right corner.

Remember that you are to use different citation styles (including Chicago style) for your own convenience rather than for the convenience of your professors.
Good luck!

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