thesis defenseYou are a happy thesis writer who has finally finished his/her project and now is trying to get ready for one more challenge – a thesis defense.
We know that many students take this procedure even more seriously than their projects. What we are talking about is that a thesis defense is a real stress for some students, something they are very afraid of.
If you are among such students, our tips on how to survive a thesis defense will be rather useful. So, this is what you should remember about a thesis defense.
Thesis defense = examination
Yes, in some ways your thesis defense will look like an oral examination. By the way, were you afraid of oral exams in school? It always seemed that you knew nothing and would definitely fail.
This is what you should not think about before your thesis defense. And actually, you know more than your “examiners” (members of the committee).
Take time during your thesis defense
Many defenders think that even a 2-second pause in their answers will bring them to failure. Sure, it is wrong, and you will have enough time to think over your answers.
Right phrases during your thesis defense
Do not neglect phrases like “That is a good question”, “Good idea”, and so on. First, it gives you at least a few seconds to think. Second, in this way you show the committee that you understand the question.
They are really interested
Do you know that in the great majority of cases the committee members ask questions because they really do not get something? Keep it in mind and be confident.
If some of you start working on such projects, our free thesis writing tips will be useful.

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