coursework on Halloween

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.

Author Unknown

You have to write a coursework on any holiday you like. What will it be about? What is your favourite holiday? Birthday? Christmas? New Year? Well, do you not think that these holidays have already been discussed many times?
We suggest you pick a holiday that students like most of all! We suggest you write a coursework on Halloween!
Writing your coursework on Halloween gives you an opportunity to investigate its origins, traditions, and other interesting details. We just want to give a couple of ideas for you to start your own investigation.
Use the following facts to create your coursework on Halloween:

  • In the US, Halloween started as an autumn harvest festival. Why was a pumpkin chosen as the symbol of Halloween? Investigate this issue in your coursework on Halloween.
  • In XIX century, Halloween became associated with witches and ghosts. What influenced such associations? Answer this question in your coursework on Halloween.
  • Did you know that American single women stay in a room with candles and look at mirrors to see their future husbands? What do people in other countries do on this holiday? Write about this in your coursework on Halloween.
  • What do you know about Lord Samhain? It is said that he was the Lord of Darkness who delivered spirits to the Underworld. Develop this idea in your coursework on Halloween.

You can either pick one of the above-mentioned ideas or talk about each of them and present a thrilling coursework on Halloween. Good luck!
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