thesis writerDid you sign up for writing a thesis? Congratulations! However, you will realize very soon that you have signed a contract with the devil, and now a real hell is waiting for you!
Right in this article, we are going to present you all the pits in hell that every thesis writer will have to pass through.

  1. The first pit in hell is choosing a topic
  2. A lot of thesis writers start regretting about their decision already at this stage. They just realize that a great responsibility lies on their shoulders – they have to make the right choice of a thesis topic. If you are destined to face the same challenge, follow your intuition and your supervisor’s recommendations.

  3. The second pit in hell is finding materials
  4. Sometimes, a thesis writer has to change a topic because of lack of sources. Still, the Lord is merciful. He always sends angels to help a thesis writer if his/her intentions are kind and innocent. These angels have human faces and work in small groups called Dissertation Fellowships. If a thesis writer proves he is going to make a significant discovery, they will provide financial support. You can use it for a trip to the place where the information you need is available.

  5. The third pit in hell is conducting research
  6. There is a great possibility to go crazy when passing this stage. The thing is that every thesis writer will have to decipher an overcomplicated scientific language correctly; otherwise, he/she can fail. Still, the Heaven is merciful… Another angel, called Supervisor, will help in this case. A theses writer just has to appeal to Supervisor for help.

  7. The last pit in hell is thesis writing

    This stage is the last, still, the longest one. During this period, a thesis writer will work as the Creator Himself. A thesis writer will have to create and destroy, then create again and destroy again. Still, the work will be progressing and improving.

No matter how hellish thesis writing may seem to you, it is a good life experience that can make you stronger. So, do not reject a chance to become more experienced.
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