Waiting for Godot essayWaiting for Godot is a play of an Irish dramatist Samuel Beckett. We do not know the exact date when this play was written.
Approximately, it was completed between 1948 and 1949.
In fact, it is not that important to know the exact date when the play was written. Those who need to prepare Waiting for Godot essays had better know its plot.
Some people find this play very difficult to read. It is a story about two men who are waiting for Godot. The point is that neither the reader nor the characters have a clear idea of who Godot is. Are you puzzled? Surely, you are.
To clear up this situation somehow, we want to present several ideas on what to consider in essays on Waiting for Godot. Maybe, they will help you become an expert in this “obscure” story…
Waiting for Godot essay: 1st Idea
The play, actually, lacks certain context. There are two characters waiting for another person under a withered tree. The reader does not know where, when, and why they are here. They are just waiting… Such situation may confuse anyone but not you! This vagueness gives you plenty of opportunities to develop a catchy story in Waiting for Godot essays.
Waiting for Godot essay: 2nd Idea
You can interpret the events described in the play in different ways. How do you understand everything? Godot never arrives… We cannot understand who or what Godot is! Maybe, it is not a man… It can be new hope, desire, or felling. In other words, it may be something abstract… Think over this idea in your Waiting for Godot essay.
Waiting for Godot essay: 3rd Idea
In your Waiting for Godot essay, you can describe the characters of the play. They are Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo, Lucky, and the Boys. Each of them symbolizes something in the story. Write about their roles in Waiting for Godot essays.
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