MLA dissertationLike any other kind of writing, MLA dissertation requires following certain rules, that were established by the Modern Language Association. If you are still unaware of these rules, this article will help you create a brilliant MLA dissertation without any format mistakes.

  • Use double-spaces throughout your MLA dissertations;
  • Use an intelligible font for making your MLA dissertation. Times New Roman or Arial fonts are quite acceptable in your MLA dissertation. The font size of your MLA dissertation should be 10-12 pt.;
  • Arrange the margins of your MLA dissertations, so that they would be 2 inch from all sides;
  • Enumerate the pages of your MLA dissertation in the chronological consecution beginning with the title page;
  • Set the page numbers of your MLA dissertation in the upper right hand corner of each page;
  • Italicize or bold-type the titles of magazines, books or scholarly journals. The quotation marks of your MLA dissertation should enclose titles of essays, poems, articles, etc.;
  • Use abbreviations when presenting the names of publishers in your MLA dissertation;
  • Single-space after punctuation;
  • Enclose the author’s name and his/her words into quotes, like “As Martinson asserts (56), the…”;
  • Alphabetize the sources used for writing your MLA dissertation by the author’s last name. If some of the books have no author, they should be alphabetized by their titles;

  • Present the sources used for MLA dissertation writing in the page, called Works Cited;
  • Use underlining or italics if you want to emphasize something , as well as for the titles;
  • Present a list of the endnotes before your Works Cited page.

If it is easier for you to format your MLA dissertations by analogy with a sample, you can use a digital dissertation that can be found in any electronic dissertation database. Just make sure that the digital dissertation paper you found is written in MLA format.

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