research paper title pageIf we try to compare our education with our every day life, it is quite possible to discover a lot of similarities.
When a person is going outside, the last thing he/she does is looking in the mirror in order to make sure that he/she looks okay.
So, the person is extremely interested in looking nice. The same may be said about a research paper title page. When a student prepares a research paper, he/she pays a lot of attention to the research paper title page.
If you are one of those students who want to prepare a good piece of work, then you should know something about the peculiar features of writing research papers title page.
There are several possible styles a research paper title page can be formatted in: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc…
In this article we would like to pay your attention to the APA research paper title page format. According to this format a research papers title page includes four main issues:

  • Research paper title
  • The research papers title should present the topic of your work. The length of the research paper title varies from 10 to 15 words. It should be centralized.

  • Name of the author and institution
  • The name of the author and institution should be placed right after (below) the research paper title.

  • Running head
  • The running head is the abbreviation of your title in other words. It should contain not more than 50 characters and be presented at the top of each page of your work. It is always left justified.

  • Page number
  • The page number should be placed in the upper right corner of your research paper title page, just after the running head.

The research paper title page is only the beginning of your work, and it is also the first thing the readers will pay attention to. So, make it as good as possible in order not to spoil the impression from your work.

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